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Natascha's Story

"I need never be hopelessness again because I have Dr. Zimmerman in my corner."

“There is still some time to be surprised.” Jamie Tworkowski, founder of a hope-filled non-profit organization for depression and suicide awareness, To Write Love on Her Arms, coined this phrase. And for 423 days, I desperately tried to believe that one of these days, I would wake up, and be surprised. But it wasn’t until I went to Zimmerman Family Chiropractic that the surprise occurred.


On October 24, 2012, I fell ill with a 423 day headache, accompanied by numerous other health complications. 24/7, no breaks, no relief whatsoever. Most people respond to this statement with a “You’re kidding me”, but unfortunately, I most definitely am not. Multiple hospitalizations and countless tests (MRIs, spinal taps,  blood work, etc.) were inconclusive, and absolutely no concoction of medicine could ease the pain in the slightest bit. I was 17 years old and missing the majority of my senior year of high school, spending day in and day out lying in bed. I had convinced myself that this was now the life I was destined to live, characterized by nothing more than pain and hopelessness. But then, around Day 380 or so, my mother decided to try one more thing. I was to the point where I didn’t want to try anything else; I was exhausted and had forfeited my will to get better. But you know what they say, “if you never try, you’ll never know.”


So try we did, and I’m so glad we did. Although I was skeptical upon my first visit with Dr. Zimmerman because upper cervical chiropractic honestly sounded like a figment of his imagination, results eventually came to fruition. Although it took a good couple of months to repair the damage with my vertebrae and atlas bone that had been done over the course of my illness, it eventually happened. I still get migraines every now and again, and I’ve accepted that this is simply how God wired my body. But luckily, I need never be hopelessness again because I have Dr. Zimmerman in my corner. He is always available at the drop of a hat, as soon as the slightest glimpse of pain rears its ugly head. His visits are extremely thorough, and he continues to check on me until he is certain I am feeling 100% again.


Even though it took a miserable 423 days, Dr. Zimmerman was my surprise. And I hope you choose to be surprised by Zimmerman Family Chiropractic too. 

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